Latest News & Site Updates

2012-08-06: Added Neal Barlow's final Day 1 information to the Course Details page. Added a new link to show Registered Diners on the Registration page.

2012-07-27: Added a few details about the Dinner on Saturday night.

2012-07-23: Added packet pick-up details to Registration page and Event Schedule page.

2012-06-13: Added Graham Baird's preliminary Day 2 Course Details.

2012-06-08: Added new Western States Championship eligibility criteria to the Registration page, based on requirements from Sergey Velichko.

2012-05-30: Added required USFS non-discrimination notice and logo to Home page.  Updated Yellow Pine and Vedauwoo campground status and made USFS Falling Tree Hazard link more prominent on Camping page.  Also added USFS Falling Tree Hazard information to Maps & Courses page.  Added parking guidelines to Travel & Lodging page.

2012-05-21: Added Course Details for Day 1

2012-05-16:  Added a new Sponsors page and also added sponsor logos to home page.  Added a new Dining page, based on input from Kathleen Brennan.

2012-05-08:  Added Mikell's information to a new Mapping Notes page.

2012-05-07:  Added Forest Service updates to Camping page.

2012-05-04:  Added map of embargoed areas to Camping page and the Maps & Courses page.


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