Thanks so much to all our volunteers for their efforts and contributions, whether large or small! We especially appreciate the volunteers from other clubs.

(We've had to piece this together from multiple sources, so please let the This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. know if your name is missing.)

Volunteer Role Saturday Sunday
Meet Director Bob Ellis
Course Setter Neal Barlow Graham Baird
Course Vetter Craig Murray Michael Rounds
Maps Mikell Platt (LROC)
USFS Permits Mikell Platt (LROC)
OUSA Course Consultant Francis Hogle (QOC)
E-Punch Chairman John Crowther
Equipment Chairman Doug Berling
Start Crew Chairman Dennis Carney
Webmaster & Registrar B. Brooke Mann
AGM & Dinner Coordinator Kathleen Brennan
Event Set-up Graham Baird
Doug Berling
Troy Bozarth
Donna Fluegel (WCOC)
Steve Levin
Bradley Rounds
Michael Rounds
Neal Barlow
John Murray (CTOC)
Onsite Registration Sherry Litasi
Amy Winston
Start Crew Kris Beecroft
Dennis Carney
Jim Eagleton (DVOA)
Glen Schorr (QOC)
Rob Wilkison (DVOA)
Course Pre-Runners Graham Baird Tori Campbell (COC)
Tori Campbell (COC) Craig Murray
John Murray (CTOC) John Murray (CTOC)
E-Punch Crew John Crowther
Jeff Lanam (BAOC)
Bradley Rounds
E-Punch Van Sheryl Lehman & Steve Levin
Finisher List Shirley Donald (KOC Canada)
Steve Fluegel (WCOC)
Post-Race Snacks & Water Doug Berling
Kathleen Brennan
Terri Chawla
Jury Clare Durand
Control Pick-up Neal Barlow
Ron Birks (GPHXO)
Jim Eagleton (DVOA)
Sverre Froyen
Sue Kuestner (COC)
Jan Lande
Sam Listwak (QOC)
Rob Wilkison (DVOA)
Sabrina Wood
Richard Wood
Gavin Wyatt-Mair (BAOC)
Equipment Pack-up Doug Berling
Michael Rounds
Nelson Tamplin
Meet Photographers Pete Curtis (MNOC) -- link
Ellen Crosby (CTOC) -- pending
Shelagh Pepper (Stars Canada) -- link
Ilya Pupko -- link
Dave Yee (NEOC) -- link 1 & link 2
CPR-Certified People
on Standby
Troy Bozarth
Jan Lande
Sherry Litasi
Mikell Platt
SAR Neal Barlow
Troy Bozarth
Jan Lande
Dinner Set-up Kathleen Brennan
Laura Brennan (UW)
Stan DeVore (UW)
Bradley Rounds
Dinner Clean-up Kathleen Brennan
Troy Bozarth
John Crowther
Jan Lande
Jen Lavely
Brooke Mann
Katya & Ilya Pupko
Amy Winston
Yelena & Dmitriy Zamoshchin
Trail-O Demo Peter Goodwin (UNO)
Junior Activities Barb Bryant (NEOC) & Eileen Breseman (COC)
Porta-Potties Mikell Platt (LROC)

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